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The Cal-IPGCA Cohort 2018 launched on August 9, 2018. REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED.

Cal-IPGCA..."The View" from 30,000 Feet! Accessible Format

In collaboration with an elite leadership team serving as a Board of Advisors, the ORA Systems Management Team has led the California Innovation Playbook for Government Change Agents (Cal-IPGCA) since its inception in 2012. Initiating as the Navigating Leadership Program, our progress has been exponential. The five-member executive leadership team welcomes aboard its sixth executive sponsor; the California Franchise Tax Board. CAL-IPGCA’S six executive sponsors are pathfinders leading the deployment of government innovation. They’re strategists adept at the real-time skill of “building the plane while flying.” As goal setters and idea-makers they deliver metric driven results that substantiate transformation and performance. As stewards they advance the human potential of state employees and organizations. Their overarching vision is delivering great results to Californians! For in-depth information on our 2017 Cohort Outcomes, visit About.

The INNOVATION PLAYBOOK is structured as a 360o applied training environment. Trainees toggle between monthly classroom training and applied experiential learning within their work environment. Integrating and synergizing participation across all levels of government – from entry level to senior executives, innovation teams come together to develop specifically targeted projects or programs that meet key challenges identified by the State of California agency leaders.

  • Scales real-time innovation pipelines and playbooks…a culture of innovation
  • Meets the State of California’s biennial leadership training requirements. (GC 19995.4. – Effective July 1, 2016)

Designed for…

  • Line staff who are rising stars with management potential
  • First line supervisors
  • Middle managers executives
  • Executive leadership

Our 2018 Cohort l

Listen to our introductory videos… Cal-IPGCA Overview from our Executive Sponsors Video Cohort 2017 Innovationists Inspire! Video
Read the Cal-IPGCA 2018 Cohort Brochure…

2018 Program Launch Linked Brochure - Printable-Unlinked - Playbook

"Cal- IPGCA is the mother of all leadership playbooks! The freethinking, reach for the stars formula for success still intrigues me. It challenges me to dig deep and put skin in the game. This can still make me uncomfortable but that is precisely why it is so rewarding! Cal-IPGCA is the cutting edge of leadership transformation."

Mimi Fitzsimon | Manager
Audit - ASAP Bureau - Protest Section | Franchise Tax Board
Complete Registration… Full and Part-Time Trainee Registration: Open
"Participating in the Cal-IPGCA program opened my eyes to the possibilities for innovation in State service and gave me the space to dream big. I can honestly say that my day-to-day will never be the same. Time and again I find myself thinking forward about ways to innovate within my job. And, thanks to CAL-IPGCA I have the confidence to bring those ideas to the forefront of discussions. I have seen firsthand positive change within my program and throughout my Department. For anyone who has inside them a desire to be part of innovation and change within California government I would highly recommend jumping all in with Cal-IPGCA."

Rebekah Gibson
Senior Counsel │ California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection
The Cal-IPGCA Alumni Association Presents: An Informational Forum for Cohort 2018

Creating a Culture of Leadership and Innovation!
Seeking government employees who see themselves as Leaders, Innovators and Change Agents… is this you?

Cal-IPGCA: The Short Story
Cal-IPGCA Overview: "Be the Change"-Rebekah Christensen, Chair
What is the Alumni Association? Jag Nagendra, DWR
Transforming Government-Effecting Change - Keynote: Cal-IPGCA Executive Sponsor Kathleen Webb, Director, GovOps

MD Haque, DWR "...created a community of Change Agents"
Jeremy Callahan, DWR "...it was my Kitty Hawk Moment!"
Kamyar Guivetchi, DWR "...training for leaders by leaders"
Rebekah Gibson, CALFIRE "...it's more a transformation"
Linda Ng, DWR "...it's the cutting edge-phenomenal"

The Cal-IPGCA Alumni Association Presents: An Informational Forum for Cohort 2018

Welcome from Executive Host Sponsor:
Jeff McGuire, Chief Deputy Director, DGS
Cal-IPGCA Overview: "What is Cal-IPGCA" - Rebekah Christensen, Chair
"What's Next" - Jag Nagendra, President, Cal-IPGCA Alumni Association
Keynote - "Just Ask Why": -Kathleen Webb, Director, Eureka Institute, GovOps, Cal-IPGCA Executive Sponsor

MD Haque, DWR "All of us are Leaders"
Eagan Patterson, DGS "....My strength is the story"
Caesar Gutierrez, DGS "....Why, What and How"
Tonia Burgess, DGS "....Change and Transformation"
Mimi Fitzsimon, FTB "....Flips Leadership Training on its Head"
Linda Ng, DWR "It's Big, Fun and Global"

Facilitation is more than a practice – it is a solution…

Open to Cal-IPGCA 2017 Graduates Curriculum Registration "Cal-IPGCA is a multi-faceted training experience focused on the most impactful resource of our government – its people. This competitive program exposed me to some of the most influential leaders in our State government. It challenged me and my fellow cohort members to cultivate and implement innovative initiatives that empower our workforce and institutions to better serve the people of California. My ability to discuss challenges, exchange ideas and find solutions to some of the most common strategic challenges facing our State with my teammates was instrumental in creating a supportive environment for teamwork, collaboration, research and innovation. To that end, this program is truly transformational!"

Emin Nabiyev │ Acquisition Manager
Office of Business and Acquisition Services
State of California » Department of General Services
Turning and idea into a solution that delivers value… This is an idea… Video And this is an idea… Video
Cal-IPGCA is Authentic. Fluid. Agile. Scalable… What are Cal-IPGCA Moonshots…

Everyone's a Leader, everyone has value and voice…
 What is the Purpose of Cal-IPGCA? What is the philosophy behind the Cal-IPGCA KollaborNation Community?
 What are the Cal-IPGCA “Insights on Innovation” from our 2017 Cohort?
 Who are Cal-IPGCA’s Executive Sponsors and how do they lead?
 Who are Cal-IPGCA’s Board of Advisors and what roles do they serve? Bios
 Who is Cal-IPGCA’s Management Team?
 What are Cal-IPGCA’s 2018 Innovation Priorities and Cycle?
 What is the Cal-IPGCA Moonshot Innovation Process?
 What is Cal-IPGCA’s Experiential Learning?
 What are the GovOps-CalHR 9 Leadership Values?
 What is the Cal-IPGCA Experiential Learning Curriculum?
 What is the USC 360o Assessment and Executive Coaching?
 What is the Cal-IPGCA Training Schedule & Full-Part-Time Trainee?
 What is the Cal-IPGCA Alumni Association?
 What is the integration of leadership that guides the Cal-IPGCA?
 What is a Cal-IPGCA Moonshot Project Champion?

Targeting your brand identity has never been so impactful!

Breaking the Boundaries…Branding YOU! Sponsorship Levels "Cal-IPGCA is much more than leadership training. It is a leadership playbook by State leaders for State leaders. My 2017 cohort was timely and an amazing experience. We rolled up sleeves with knowledgeable colleagues from diverse State agencies, tackled vexing challenges facing California State Government, and advanced innovative -- moonshot -- solutions. My team -- the Ice Breakers -- took on succession planning and knowledge transfer given the silver tsunami. Following the IPGCA Playbook, hearing lessons learned from numerous State executives, and guided with skilled facilitation, the Ice Breakers laid out the why, whats, and hows to achieve our team's moonshot -- Taking California to new heights by making it the employer of choice."
Kamyar Guivetchi, Manager
Statewide Integrated Water Management
Department of Water Resources