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Congratulations Cohort 2018... It is not just what you do... "But Why!"


Linked Innovation Playbook

PDF Printable Innovation Playbook
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Cal-IPGCA...Transforming Government Innovation as the 5th Largest Economy in the World!

The Cal-IPGCA Video Journey Begins Here...

"We're the movement" that breaks-through silos and hierarchies to fuel government innovation!

Cal-IPGCA Founders Journey

What is Cal-IPGCA?

What is KollaborNation?

Cohort 2018 - A video journey of leadership, innovation, transformation and change...

"We are the Change"

"The Launch!"

"It's the Climb"

"What you do proves that you believe!"

"Calibrating Re-entry...Deploying our Moonshot Projects!"

Cal-IPGCA Cohort 2018 Day of Innovation – Insights and Epiphanies.
"Just Ask Why" – Kathleen Webb
Graduation Address –Treasurer John Chiang

Meet and Listen to the Cohort 2018 Innovationists... deploying new boundaries of thinking, leadership, change and innovation!

Cal-IPGCA Moonshots Outcomes: Creating new trajectories for government innovation!

"The essence of a Moonshot is the combination of a huge problem, a re-imagined solution to that problem, and the creation of innovative ideas that can shift the approach and outcomes of people, process and technology to make that solution possible."

Contributed by State of California Leadership, an Innovation Priority (IP) represents an enterprise-wide challenge that faces the State of California. Cal-IPGCA is comprised of 5 Moonshot Innovation Teams. The Cal-IPGCA full-time trainees, in collaboration with their part-time work-based training partners, develop these IP’s into Moonshot Projects over the course of the 5-month series. The innovation team construct is designed as an integrated environment that is culturally, departmentally and professionally diverse. CONSOLIDATED MASTER OUTCOMES – ALL TEAMS

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Questions & Answers

Team Video
Questions & Answers
Team Power Point
Team Handout

Team Video
Team Power Point

Team Video
Team Power Point

Team Video
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Moonshot White Paper